About Us

With over 50 years of history, Yap Sun is a pioneer in the design and
production of hardware. Our products are installed throughout Singapore as well as internationally. We take pride in our products which are guided by 3 key principles.


To ensure our products meet the highest standards, our products undergo rigorous training e.g. EN, UL and PSB fire testing through accredited testing companies like PSB. In order to produce the best quality for the market needs, Yap Sun has been practicing ISO 9001-2000 standard as a guideline for our management & quality control.

As such our management processes, control standards and product quality meets the stringent requirements of these international certification. Since our humble beginnings, our mission has been to strive for newness and challenge new frontiers in design and production, so as to ensure the sustainable growth of Yap Sun.


业新 在新加坡是五金産品制造的前峯者,可以说在新加坡的各个角落,都有业新的產品; 並且我们许多产品也在国外销售。

对於每个産品的設计与製造要求; 我们秉承着 易装, 耐用, 价格合理, 這三大原则为顾客服务.

随着新加坡对建筑五金产品的高品质保证要求,我们亦逐步将我们的产品,作有关的测试:如 EN, UL 及PSB 防火测试等等。并以 ISO 9001 - 2000 为界限;我们在日常管理,生产运作,采购流程,产品质量等之监管,便更为规划。
传承作 业新-----业务日日新 的概念, 我们致力给于顾客的回馈.